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The New Cisco Will Change To 27th April

The New Cisco Will Change To 27th April

Importance notification

The new Cisco CCIE will be postponed to on-line 27th April

Focus on this major concludes of the notice

1. The originally scheduled for 24th February 2020 on the new line CCIE exam will be postponed on the 27th April 2020 and a current CCIE exam will be postponed to 26th April.

2. CCIE written exam is still opening of the new code is in accordance with the original on 24th February.

3.  The students can currently have an appointment in experimental examinations before on February. They can apply to the Cisco open CASE free rescheduled position on the 27th April.

4. Cisco had been affected by the epidemic candidates will be give priority to the examination location.

5. If you have booked before the new exam on 24th February, we need to test in April after 27 days on-line new exam.

The following of the special notification : Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, we have taken preventive security measures that temporarily closed our CCIE lab exam center. We will continue to assess the situation and reopened after security laboratory testing center. Since the close examination of current CCIE lab exam will remain valid until 26th April 2020.  The new CCIE lab exam will be on the line on 27th April and the current CCIE certification will be migrated to the new certification.

Here we list a few common problems for everyone for your reference:

1. Will CCIE lab exam be further expanded it?

Answer: The current CCIE lab exam will last until on 26th April 2020.

2. Will CCIE certification revision be affected?

Answer: CCIE certification will migrate on 27th April 2020 to the new certification.

3. Due the Vue closed, will CCIE written exam be extended it?

Answer: No. Written Examination will transition on 24th February 2020 to the new core exams.

4. How voucher operate?

Answer: The voucher allows candidates to arrange the examination time and use the vouchers to pay 100% of the exam fee.

5. Will the other factors be affected the transition to the new certification?

Answer: No. All certification tests will be scheduled on 24 February 2020 entered into force.

6. Are your certification center safe?

Answer: We are taking appropriate steps to ensure that the safety and health of the customers Certification Center, partners and employees.

7. How does this affect the CCIE recertification?

Answer: Candidates need to comply with the new guidelines "re-certification" policy will go into effect on 24th February 2020.

8. Dose it has enough seats during the extension period?

Answer: We will give priority to all persons who are directly affected and hope for those who want to have the last opportunity to participate in the current staff CCIE lab exams that provide more space.

9. How it affect the life of CCIE honours ?

Answer: The honours of CCIE candidates will not be affected.

10. How it affected the CCIE in a suspended state?

Answer: The sickness will be converted to an active state on 24th February 2020. The new policy will not close the Chinese test centers which will be affected.

11. Dose CCIE written exam expiration policy still be appropriated?

Answer: The original CCIE written exam required over the CCIE lab exam within 18 months. Then, within 12 months and 12 months to try again strategy will no longer apply. This policy will be changed on 24th February.

1. Dose this notice apply to all Cisco exams?

Answer: No. This change applies only according to the CCIE lab.

13. Dose we need to wait to participate in the new version of the Cisco exam until 26th April?

Answer: You need to reschedule the laboratory after 27th April 2020. It will provide a new CCIE lab exam. Also, if you want to participate in the current lab exam, you can keep your lab date.

14. Does it need cost the fee of the rescheduled of the Lab exam?

Answer: If you plan to attend the current lab exam on 24th February 2020, but it would like to change the date closer to the date after on 27th April. We will waive the change fee rescheduled. But you need to open CASE application.

15. What happened of the Pearson Vue testing?

Answer: For the information on Pearson Vue testing center, please visit their website.

16. What should I do if I still have some confused about it changes?

Answer: Please contact our support team PASSHOT.

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