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Customize what you think, ubiquitous Cisco collaboration

Customize what you think, ubiquitous Cisco collaboration

Now more and more employees are already on the move:


1.Up to 90% of employees work outside the company's headquarters;

2.Up to 60% of employees need to collaborate regularly with people from different regions and even different time zones;

3.The growth rate of online video traffic of large enterprises is as high as 70% per year;


Customers prefer to use online mode compared to traditional methods. Market demand is generating new collaboration needs. Communication between people is becoming the core of modern corporate workflows.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Cisco's collaborative product portfolio is the core of collaborative communications that rather than applications or devices by providing a rich context and an interactive environment. Leveraging industry-leading collaboration platforms. Cisco is making it easier to connect with people between businesses and businesses. Also, with expertise through an innovative unified and collaborative product portfolio.


In 2018, Cisco introduced the new Cisco Webex platform by integrating the power of Spark and Webex. It is worth mentioning that through a unified and open intelligent platform, Cisco has built an open, secure and interoperable intelligent platform in its ecosystem.


A consistent core user experience across Cisco devices and applications that regardless of the mode of operation. In the original self-built solution, you can connect with Webex based on cloud deployment anytime and anywhere. Its powerful API development interface enables partners to perform secondary development and application integration in any development language they are accustomed to.

Shenzhen Huayuntong Technology Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in the development of professional intelligent space applications for many years, is based on the powerful functions of Cisco Webex. Through the insight into segmentation scenarios and industry, it has developed a visual intelligent conference that can be customized for enterprises. Manage appointment solutions." Such a solution significantly improves the intelligence and availability levels of corporate meetings and carrier live broadcasts.


Because Cisco Webex is an open platform and has a rich SDK, Huayun can further customize products according to the needs of different customers, and can integrate it into third-party collaboration products other than Cisco, and even the conference system. Integrated into the business process and business suite of the enterprise.


Application layer: Huayuntong's Visual Intelligent Conference Management Appointment Solution Based on the underlying architecture of Cisco Collaboration, and through Huayun's visual cloud platform, centralized management and unified scheduling of terminal devices are realized. For example, audio conferencing terminals, lighting, air conditioning, projection, and more.


The graphical interface can visually display the real-time usage status and size of all the conference rooms in the entire building. Users can find the most suitable target meeting room by querying and screening the time, meeting room capacity and meeting room equipment.


These also benefit from the powerful secondary development capabilities and interfaces of the Touch 10 tablet that comes standard with Cisco Webex.

Display layer: Huayuntong's "Visual Intelligent Conference Management Appointment Solution" can support mobile phones, conference reservation screens, self-service terminals, visitor systems, access control systems, and so on.


In the process of meeting process management, Huayuntong's solution supports WeChat/Enterprise WeChat notification, SMS notification, email notification, nail notification and other channels in the meeting notice, covering the most commonly used domestic enterprises and individuals. Communication tools.


In the conference sign-in function, most conference management systems in the current market can only count the access devices, and cannot refine the number of participants in a certain access device. Cisco Webex is the only device in the industry that can count the number of people in a meeting room, which provides instructive space utilization data for the business.


This solution of Huayuntong solves a big pain point of the enterprise through this function, and supports password sign-in, input user account sign-in, IC/ID card sign-in, and two-dimensional code sign-in.


The control in the meeting can be said to be the top priority of a meeting. Cisco has combined artificial intelligence technology with cutting-edge, all-digital technology.


All Cisco video devices now have noise suppression. During the call, when the file is too loud, the system will automatically turn down the volume to avoid interrupting the conversation; when the person who organizes the file starts talking, the system will know and automatically turn off the sound suppression function and all this No user manual operation is required.


On this basis, Huayuntong made further application development through the development interface reserved by Cisco Webex. For example, the main site presentation document is not disturbed, the order of the meeting is maintained.


The linkage between the conference venue equipment is also one of the highlights of Huayuntong's Visual Intelligent Conference Management Appointment Solution. It includes the adjustment of the lighting of the conference room, the regulation of the fresh air system and so on. Intelligent control through IoT gateway communication with the Cisco Touch 10.


The development of the enterprise is changing at any time, and the trend of the meeting is also changing with each passing day. Collaboration solutions not only meet current needs, but also meet future needs. Cisco's industry-leading security and scalability give you peace of mind.


Cisco's comprehensive conferencing solutions and devices are easy to use and flexible, helping organizations easily upgrade as their needs change. Whether it is a small meeting for several people or a large conference for tens of thousands of people, it is flexible enough to meet various needs;


Cisco's consistent modernization experience spans the entire conference lifecycle, enabling seamless communication both locally and in the cloud.


Seeing this, if you think Cisco collaboration products are just video conferencing and management tools, it's a big mistake. In fact, the conference communication tool is only its his own position. In fact, it can play a greater role in our work, because it is also the real-time live broadcast.


The foundation of Cisco Collaborative Communications is its prestigious CUCM, which has been constantly updating its software releases and expanding its capabilities over the years. The design of Cisco Collaborative Communications not only considers the deployment of single-point devices, but also the implementation of functions. It considers more about how to network, how to communicate for employees in multiple branches, and employees who are not in the office.


Today, corporate branches are spread across the country and even overseas markets. For major celebrations, corporate annual meetings, online training, etc., Cisco Webex works with hardware devices to hold, watch in real time, and interact in real time so easy!


Cisco Webex is the world's first network video conferencing software, with 20 years of experience in web conferencing design and operations. In addition to regular online training and remote support features, webcasting is also a great way for Cisco Webex. Cisco professional-grade video hardware terminal that delivers full video interactive live streaming up to 3000 square feet.


Based on Cisco professional-grade video hardware terminals, Huayuntong has developed an enterprise-class business live broadcast platform, and has captured a provincial-level radio and television video live broadcast.


Today, Cansee Visual Enterprise Business Live has been deeply collaborated with a number of small and medium-sized enterprises, including annual meetings, education and training, surgical teaching, summit forums, etc., and can be customized for customers in different industries, such as single-site training live broadcast. The live broadcast of the annual conferences and the live broadcast of online tickets will be broadcast live.


Collaboration is constantly changing, as the Nemertes research says, the interaction between people, programs, and devices is revolutionizing. Cisco already has the technology to enable it. With the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies directly into all aspects of the portfolio, Cisco has built a comprehensive collaborative Webex platform that once again defines the meaning of collaboration.


Cisco will help more companies integrate smart people and technologies seamlessly to maximize their individual and collective potential.


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