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Are you ready for the next major vulnerability?

Are you ready for the next major vulnerability?

 At present, enterprise network security issues have become a common concern of corporate management and IT teams. How to prevent and prevent security vulnerabilities and threats, how to choose effective security products to solve problems is plaguing enterprise management and IT team?


Businesses around the world are worried about the emergence of the next major cybersecurity vulnerability. Vulnerabilities can jeopardize sensitive data, shake public confidence in corporate brands, and lead to network inefficiencies, work efficiency, and even millions of dollars in losses.

Management often asks their IT team: “Do we have a defense? Is our employee and customer data secure? Are we prepared for the next big cyber attack?”

Even if IT answers “yes” to these questions, uncertainty remains. Because despite the deployment of a robust set of security tools, there is no guarantee that it will defend against attacks.


Malware is more complex than ever, and cybercriminals are unrelenting in their attacks.



The IT team deployed a firewall, hoping to block these attacks and deal with them before they managed to sneak into the interior. However, their firewalls are unable to detect hidden threats and block them in advance.


In short, the IT team is not sure if their firewalls and other security tools present them with a full picture of the threat. If they don't know the existence of malicious threats, they can't stop them quickly.


The resources, staff, and time of the IT team are limited in the face of endless threats and attacks. They are overwhelmed with the threat of playing the game "The Hamster."


Their firewalls can trigger threat alerts, many of which are false positives and lack the practical information needed to prioritize, categorize, and act on them, resulting in an insufficiency of the number of alerts.


They don't know which alerts to trust, and defenses can't keep up with the evolution of threats. They can only focus on the problem, so that they can't free up enough time to solve the problem.


For business managers and IT teams, they need a good assistant to keep their network safe. The Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the perfect choice.


Cisco NGFW uses a variety of features to automatically block vulnerabilities, protect the organization's security, and ensure the normal operation of the network to achieve stable business operations.


This is all due to the best threat information collected by the Cisco Talos team of more than 250 threat researchers and analysts. Cisco Talos provides the best threat intelligence for Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls. With Cisco Talos, all the exploits were exhausted.


Not only does Cisco NGFW simply provide security and access control, but it also provides insight into telemetry and potentially malicious file activity in users, hosts, networks, and infrastructure, and eliminates it in the bud before it causes damage.


A variety of advanced security features help you stop more threats:


1. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS): The market's top intrusion prevention system helps you discover more vulnerabilities and automatically block advanced threats.


2. Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): Helps you to bypass the first 1% of malware on the first line of defense.


3. Identity Service Engine (ISE): Tracks users, controls access, and enforces firewall policies on devices in the network.


Cisco NGFW automates your network and security operations, saving you time and complexity, allowing you to focus on high-priority tasks.


Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) protects against vulnerabilities, deep visibility can quickly detect and block threats, automate network and security operations, save time, reduce complexity, and increase intelligence at work, absolutely It is a powerful assistant for business management and IT teams.


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