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Behind the scenes team of Cisco security products

Behind the scenes team of Cisco security products

It is the mysterious team behind Cisco's many security products.


It blocks threats 20 billion times a day blocking 80 million malicious DNS queries receiving 16 billion website requests


It deals with ransomware to prevent cryptocurrency mining and to exploit malicious attacks such as phishing.

Facing security threats, almost omnipotent

It is our protagonist today - Cisco Talos


Meet Cisco Talos


Talos is a core threat intelligence organization that serves as the Cisco security portfolio. Talos' name comes from the mechanical giant in Greek mythology, and its sole mission is to protect the coast of Crete from invaders and pirates. Like the mechanical giant, Cisco Talos is committed to providing superior protection to its customers through products and services.

Cisco Talos covers six key areas: threat intelligence and interception, inspection research, engine development, vulnerability research and discovery, community, and global outreach.

√ The Threat Intelligence and Interception team will handle correlations and track threats to ensure that Talos can transform threat data and simple metrics into context-rich, actionable threat intelligence.

√ The detection research team will perform vulnerability and malware analysis and create inspection content for all Cisco security products.

√ The work involved in the engineering development team ensures that our various inspection engines are up to date and maintain their ability to detect and resolve emerging threats.

√ The Vulnerability Research and Discovery team is responsible for developing programming and repeatable methods to identify high-priority security vulnerabilities in the operating system and common software that users use on a daily basis, including platforms such as ICS and IoT systems.

√ The community team includes the Talos design team, the teaching and knowledge management team, the marketing and media team, the source and the web development team, and is generally responsible for handling public-facing news releases dealing with Talos and open source solutions.

√ Global Outreach disseminates Talos threat research results to clients and the global security community through published research and presentations.



Three tools for Cisco Talos


Unparalleled visibility


Cisco security solutions deliver a market-leading, comprehensive portfolio of products across IPS, identity, firewall, endpoint, email, web, DNS and more. This breadth and depth allows Talos to achieve high visibility through product telemetry data. But Talos' visibility is not limited to telemetry data.


More than 185 industry partners, customer feedback, intelligence search, attacker tracking, and even forward-looking vulnerability discovery provide critical intelligence and contextual information. Market share, key partnerships, and proactive discovery combine to generate threat intelligence with unparalleled visibility.

· The broadest data set: The Cisco security portfolio is unique, with market leadership in many areas such as NGFW, IPS, email, endpoints, and DNS.

· Ecological partners: over 185 intelligence partners

· Proactively identify problems and prevent them from happening: Responsibly disclose multiple vulnerabilities every working day


Practical information


Unparalleled visibility generates a large amount of threat data, and the rapid extraction of actionable intelligence from a large number of threat data sets requires a high degree of human and machine-driven interaction. Machine learning and AI, supervised by analysts and data scientists, produce more powerful detection output for faster, better results.


Talos engineers can use these outputs to establish protection between the media and push it to the world as quickly as possible within the limits of the technology. With continuous telemetry and update loops in the integrated portfolio that spans the entire attack, Talos provides fast, efficient, contextual and actionable intelligence.


· Extraction and analysis: Talos is the world's largest threat intelligence and research team.

· Providing intelligence through scenarios: Through telemetry analysis, research results, intelligence resources, and contextual information provided by open source resources, Talos provides more informative intelligence than just the infection indicator (IoC).

· Fast Protection: The average detection time for advanced malware protection is only 3.5 hours, while the industry average detection time is in days.


Comprehensive response


Talos provides threat intelligence support for all Cisco security products. The sheer breadth of the Cisco security portfolio combines with Talos' unique capabilities to deliver unmatched, comprehensive responsiveness across potential threat vectors.


This comprehensive responsiveness is further enhanced by other teams within Cisco Security. Talos provides 24/7 defense for Cisco security users.

Critical to comprehensive responsiveness is a rapid response to the entire Internet threat. Talos can take the lead in taking major threats, and global service providers, Internet authorities and cybercrime law enforcement organizations respond and work with Talos to drive a comprehensive response across the Internet.


· Protection across product portfolios: Each Cisco security solution provides multiple protections available

· Large-scale response: becoming the industry leader in responding to major threats

· Provide continuous response and tools through research and open source work


The era of full digitalization has arrived and threats will be everywhere. But for Talos, deep threat visibility, professional threat research and responsiveness translate into better protection and keep our users safe and secure. At the same time, how to learn CCIE knowledge points becomes an important issue.

Everyone must work hard for this goal!

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