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Easy Pass CCIE R&S LAB

Easy Pass CCIE R&S LAB

When you pass CCIE WRITTEN EXAM, you have to start preparing for CCIE R&S LAB. Although the process is very tired, this day will definitely make you hard to forget.


Before the test:

TS, LAB must be done through. When there is a clear concept of the origin and transmission of structure and routing, that is almost the same. You can make an appointment for the examination room. This state is not only stable but more worried that the examiner added the mistake.

Get up at 6 in the morning, check out at 6:15, drink porridge at 6:30, and eat rice noodles. This is very important and your brain needs the energy of these carbohydrate conversions in the next few hours.

At 7:15, I went to the Yingjun lobby and went up to the 31st floor. I waited until 7:50. I went to the office to check the documents and took us to the elevator to the 29th floor examination room. The scene let us empty all the pockets, including money.

Then tell us that the desktop paper has a corresponding name and login number, find your location and log in to the system exam.

The first part begins TS

1. vlan-access-map does not forward traffic normally. action forward.

2. Adjust the ospf metric of the SW101 interface.

3. Adjust the single and dual address ranges captured in the route-map of R12 R13 and declare e0/0.

4, adjust the R21 to RR out The LP value of the route-map is greater than R20. (The demand test room has changed slightly, not, but the interface between SW400 and R40)

5. Adjust the ospf network type p-t-m. (This requirement does not require 10.5 OE2 on R60)

6, SW300\301 fills the dhcp snooping trust interface.

7, the question is MPLS big problem. The MPLS core area checks igp, and R1 announces the loopback. Completing the MPLS configuration. Adjust the e0/3 ospf of R10 Cost.

8, SW111 announced vlan100, R15 established ebgp ipv6 neighbors. R15 does a two-way redistribution by default.

9, Tunnel key 10000, DMVPN up, user7 telnet server2 phenomenon.

10, R24 R25 is relatively med, the operator will choose R25 to enter 65002, ip nat outside static on R25.

       NAS telnet server2 phenomenon.

Part II begin diag

Diag is consistent with the materials provided

1, view the capture after selecting 114

On option 82

Sw1-sw3 link

2, choose to sort

Tcp connect from

Download TCL script via HTTP

TCP connecting from remote10.1.1.2

Install ransomware via backdoor

e kill

Tclsh http//

Part III begin CFG

Section1 defaults all ports are admin Down, pay attention to the port connected to the device to be opened.

Section 2 2.1 has been pre-configured. It is only necessary to check whether the port between devices is down or not.

        R55 R56 is to be redistributed in both directions and filters out external routes when redistributing eigrp into bgp.

        2.6 inject detailed routing people can not help but sigh. Oh Yeah! PASSHOT solution is really strong! ! !

Section3 All the mpls ips of the mpls area and the 65006 area of the merge are all pre-configured. The label protocol is specified to force the source interface of the mpls. Pay attention to the PE connection CE interface, do not configure the command, look at the topology and then knock. (I wasted 5 minutes for this. R5 R6 is E0/2 connected to CE, not our Eou E0/1) In terms of Rt, I read the five-line demand for ten minutes which means that 65002 65005 65007 does not need to visit each other. 65006 65007 needs to receive the default route of the DC. According to the title.

Section4 has clear requirements and perfect solution

Section5 has clear requirements and perfect solution

In general, as long as I understand what I started to mention, there is basically no difficulty.

At last

Really, my heart is looking forward to meeting lab3, knocking on lab3 pass RS but when I open TS2, I know that it is gone.


The pages of the examination room are usually different from each other. You don't have to do it with a hurry. Just click and look at it. It is not too late.

But don't point to the END SECTION on the top right side, otherwise it will be a white paper.

Thanks to the guidance of PASSHOT teacher. Thank you for meeting you in life.

Have any question for us?

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