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My God, who will save IT operations?

My God, who will save IT operations?

I recently met an old friend who is the IT director of a big company. Because I haven't seen it for a long time that  my old friend has a lot of trouble.

 A day about hard work and IT

 One day of an IT director


 I haven't got to work in the morning, CTO boss called: The network is more and more important for the business. I will give me a network performance report after an hour. I want to report to the group boss, how can the network guarantee uninterrupted business!



 A traditional network administrator cannot associate a situation and can only give information about the device interface UP/DOWN.  Quickly organize key business backbones, including wired networks, wireless networks, terminals, security, applications, etc. To maintain personnel, capture network operation and maintenance data of various systems and collectively write reports.  I finally handed the report to the boss before 10 o'clock.  Finally I  relieved!

 Just taking a breath that an important department head called for help and the laptop connected to the wireless network was intermittent and unable to participate in important video conferences.


 The operation and maintenance personnel see from the network management software that the devices in the user's area are up.  Unable to locate the point of failure and the cause of the failure.  Quickly dispatched a number of business backbones to the scene to troubleshoot wireless and wired networks.



 After two hours of hard work,  many people cooperate. The packet capture analysis and various protocol analyzers involved.

 Finally, I found that the user's area has radio frequency interference.  Sometimes there is no interference and the user connection is difficult.

 The cost of all troubleshooting tools (including hardware testers, software tools, and licenses) is nearly 50K!



 Troubleshooting is underway...

 The important user experience was seriously affected and rushed to the scene to appease.

 But it still did not help and was complained to the top.


 On the way back to the office, I received another report and I refused to have lunch and went directly to the next scene!



 Arriving at the scene, is a new employee of the company, just reported to join the job.

 The laptop connected to the wired network cannot access intranet resources.

 Personnel and resource lookup issues related to mobilizing related networks and security certifications



 Finally, the reason was that the access control list on the switch's Layer 3 gateway restricted the access rights of the user.

 However, all the ACL entries add up to a few hundred. Is this the problem caused by that one (several)?  ?


 At this point, a friendly branch office manager called and complained that there was always a problem with the branch office network. Although the wireless network can be connected but the application is not running smoothly?


 However, I traveling to a branch office and observing the network and solving problems on site requires too much time and labor costs.  Saying good things on my mouth that a lot of bitterness in my heart.



 I wascalled back to the office by the boss and blamed for one hour.

 Too many complaints!  Affect the business!  This month's salary bonus has to be ruined!  !

 Start writing a one-day report, then various explanations and apologies and call to appease the subordinates.




 Write the day event report.

 Finally, I have time to sit down and write a report on the network expansion needs and the application for operation and maintenance budget.

 According to this situation, personnel should expand training, tools to purchase, and travel expenses and other expenses continue to increase!



 Find network history data and summarize it, only a summary of the past.

 However, in the future that the network will work in its own state.

 Think about the complaints I received recently and it seems that there is no way to solve the problem!


 I finally finished the report.

 The tired day is coming to an end and sitting in the taxi home is exhausted to the extreme.

 So how will you spend for tomorrow, next week or next month?  ?  ?

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