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Everyday Ten Ask ccie r&s lab dumps

Everyday Ten Ask ccie r&s lab dumps

1. Question: How does the bgp routing table redistribute the default route?

 Answer: Method 1: Static routing network

      Ip route + next hop

      Then in the bgp process network can inject this default route into the bgp process

      The default route introduced in bgp using this method will be passed to all bgp neighbors.

      Method two: default-information originate

      Configure a static default route locally, such as ip route null 0

      Unless at the same time in the bgp process default-information originate

      Ip route null 0

      Router bgp x

      Default-information originate

      Redistribute static

 2. Question: How does the bgp routing table send default routing information to a specific bgp neighbor?

 Answer: Use the command: neighbor xxx default-originate

      In the Bgp process: neighbor xxx default-originate passes the default route to a specific neighbor;

 3. Problem: bgp establishes TCP neighbor authentication configuration command

 Answer: Use the command as follows:

      Neighbor xxx password xxx

      For the same bgp connection, the password must be the same; different neighbors can set different passwords.  After the authentication is configured, all data transmitted through the TCP connection between the peers is verified.

 4. Question: bgp uses the loopback interface to establish ebgp neighbor relationships. How do I change the ttl hop value of ebgp?

 Answer: neighbor X.X.X.X ebgp-multihop XX

5. Problem: IS-IS and VRF binding considerations

 Answer: IS-IS instances in the same non-default VRF must be configured with different system IDs. IS-IS instances of different VRFs can be configured with the same system ID.

 An IS-IS instance can be bound to only one VRF. A VRF can be bound by multiple instances.

 2. When the VRF is bound to an IS-IS instance, all IS-IS interfaces associated with the instance are deleted (the interface ip (or ipv6) router isis [tag]) is deleted.  The redistribution configuration in routing process mode will also be deleted.

 6. Question: What is BGP horizontal split?

 Answer: BGP regulations cannot pass routes learned through an IBGP to all other IBGP neighbors.  This is the horizontal splitting rule of BGP to avoid routing loops within IBGP.

 7. Problem: Introduction to the attributes of the BGP routing rule weight.

 Answer: The route with the largest weight value is preferred.

      The scope of action is a local address router. This value is not included in the update message and is not passed to any BGP neighbors.

      Will be passed to any BGP neighbor.

      Range value: 0-65535

      When the route learns from other neighbors, the default weight of the local route is 0.

      The weight of the route generated by the local network is 32768.

      Locally redistributed direct-route route. The weight of the static route is 32768.

      The BGP route weight generated by the local summary is also 32768.

8. Question: What is the administrative distance of the BGP routing protocol?

 Answer: It is divided into IBGP and EBGP. The route management distance learned from IBGP neighbors is 200 and the route management distance learned from EBGP neighbors is 20.

9. Question: Do Switch and Huawei switch port aggregation configuration lacp unsuccessfully?

Answer: It is recommended to use the actine mode at both ends. Otherwise, it will lead to the success of our negotiation but the data can not be forwarded properly.

10. Question: Can mirror ports be the destination interface or the source interface?

Answer: Many-to-many mirrors cannot be bidirectional and the same interface cannot be the source interface and the destination interface.

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