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Share some CCIE Lab materials

Share some CCIE Lab materials

PASSHOT shares some CCIE Lab learning materials. If you are studying CCIE R&S lab, it will be of great help to you!



Q1: The MAC addresses of SW2 and R8 ports are different. The PC101 MAC address needs to be specified.

Q2: R17 s4/0 is less than ppp ipcp default

Q3: R22 mask error is changed to 248

Q4: R13 no prefix-list deny is fine

R11-R14 is fully equipped with metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 1 Otherwise 1603/1703 is not right.

Q5: R22 IBGP does not set next-hop-self R21 prefix 194 does not write

Q6: R25 Network interface E0/0 prefix. It's wrong net a XXXX:2525::/64, the correct one should be XXXX:25::/64

Q7: R15 lacks ip nhrp redirect, lacks ip nhrp map multicast dynamic, R19 authentication has a problem, correct is UberMarket and R19 writes ubermarket

Q8: R7, R8 lacks 124 subinterfaces to establish BGP commands.

Neighbor remote-as 12345

R7, R8 nat error. Ip nat inside sou, the exam room is missing inside. R4 and R6 e2/0 plus ip ospf cost 1000, R8's e0/0.123 port does not have ip nat inside

Q9: R24 transform-set is the tunnel mode in esp-des, no re-matching.

R7 transform-set is the transport mode inside esp-3des.

Q10: The dhcp mac address of R23 and nas cannot be matched. Shut and no shut on the NAS interface.

 The second address of R24 is deleted.



Q1: SW1 on per

Q2: R17 is not configured with ppp, it is good to make up.

Q3: R22 rid is, changed to

Q4: R12 no pass e1/0

Q5: R2's e0/0 port is not configured with mpls, complement, R5's next hop route-map delete

Q6: per tcp any any seq 5, R22 and R25 are configured in the ipv4 address cluster ipv6 and changed to ipv6 address cluster

Q7: R14 per esp any any

Q8: SW3's vlan200 is not announced into ospf, make up R8's e0/0.123 is not equipped with inside

  The e2/0 port of R4/R6 is not configured with ip ospf cost 1000.

Q9: R21 per ip any any

Q10: ip add dhcp cli e0/0 under E0/0 port



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