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Everyday Ten Ask CCIE R&S VRRP

Everyday Ten Ask CCIE R&S VRRP

1. Question: Set up two core devices of VRRP. The spanning tree elects itself as root.

Answer: In the MSTP network, the vlan associated with the spanning tree instance of the entire network must be consistent. Otherwise, the root election will be confused.

2. Question: Does Cisco's switch support Load balancing?

Answer: Support.

3. Question: How does VRRP achieve load balancing?

Answer: There are two ways:

(1) Configure the gateway IP address of the terminal to configure the gateway IP of the active and standby devices respectively. The terminal determines whether the traffic is forwarded by the primary device or forwarded by the standby device.

(2) With VRRP plus, hosts on the LAN use a unified gateway IP but when different hosts request gateway ARP, VRRP plus responds to different virtual MACs . Thereby distributing traffic from different hosts to VRRP. Load balancing is achieved on different members of Plus.

4. Question: Can the physical address participate in the communication after the switch has done VRRP?

Answer: Yes, VRRP only does the gateway address redundancy and does not change the original physical network structure. The physical address and the actual link. Used in normal use.

5. Question: Which port types can the VRRP track monitor?

Answer: The monitored interface is only allowed to be a logical interface of Layer 3 routing. For example: routed port, SVI, loopback, tunnel

6. Question: What is the default interval for BPDU messages in RSTP mode?

Answer: 2 seconds

7. Question: How is static routing load balanced?

Answer: If multiple static routes are configured on the device at the same time, the destination address mask is the same. Then, the packets are sent from the device. The load balancing is the same as that of the aggregation port. The adjustment method is the same.

8. Question: Does the switch support dial-up access?

Answer: The switch does not support ppoe dialing that only routing devices support it.

9. Question: Between ospf and rip, the default route redistribution will not take effect. For example, the default route of OE1 wants to be redistributed into rip. This is not possible.

Answer: Solution:

      On the rip, the default route is delivered:

      Cisco(config)#router rip

      Cisco(config-router)#default-information originate Always

10. Question: Why is there no error after configuring the static route but the show run is not displayed and the show ip route can not see the route?

Answer: Check if the device is configured with no ip routing

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