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100% Valid CCIE R&S Lab (Lab3,TS2,Diag)

100% Valid CCIE R&S Lab (Lab3,TS2,Diag)

I passed the CCIE lab exam on today. Then , the below is my feedback. Hope passhot students can have more help in exam.


 Lab3 and the version we usually practice are almost the same, you need to pay attention to the following points:

 In 1.65003, remember to knock spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global;

 2.Remember the R60 need to knock no ip proxy-arp (expressed in the exam questions);

 3.SW111 ipv6 nd raguaud policy hop-limit maxi 2;

 4. R3-R6 redistributes the direct connection in the VRF and calls the route-map of match interface e0/0;

 5. Check the router-id (65005, 65004 does not have a router ID configured, all ASs must check);

 6. Remember the AS10000 need to turn off no bgp def ipv4;

 7. Remember the R24 need to write static and redistribute in BGP;

 8. I usually practice some ACLs and route-maps to customize the name. It is not recommended to change it temporarily when I go to the examination room.

 9. Pay attention to the SW510 port-channel, SW310 410 e2/0-1 corresponds to port-c 1  and SWI510 e2/0-1 corresponds to port-c2.


 The wrong point in the battle report and the TS error point in the practice of peacetime are fully covered.

 In the examination room, SW500 trace does not modify metric-type 1 to make it preferred R50 but through another command containing metric (what command is not clear, show process is easy to see, guarantee R50  Metric is lower than R51.)

 When the TS is checked for the second time, it is found that User4 ping fails and the device is directly reloaded to restart the device.


 There is not much to say about diag. It is necessary to pay attention to carefully distinguish which set of diags and check.  Click the hyperlink in the exam room to open the capture software.

Written at the end:

 First of all, the brothers preparing for the exam adjusted their mentality and they usually practiced in place. It is enough to cope with the situation in the examination room.  Believe in yourself.

 It is necessary for Lab to complete it within the specified time according to the requirements of passhot teacher so that there is enough time to deal with the unexpected situation in the examination room.  It took more than two hours to do TS, but it was not a panic.

 The keyboard sound is quite noisy during the exam and you can ask the examiner for earplugs.  Grasp your own rhythm. Don't be disturbed by external factors and don't panic when you encounter problems . You can choose to skip, then rearrange your ideas.

 Thanks to the help and support of passhot's teachers and teaching assistants. I wish the students who took the exams to pass the exam.

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