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CCIE R&S Lab Training SND/ONC Collection

CCIE R&S Lab Training SND/ONC Collection

1. Question: What happens when ONC adds a device by configuring a new public property?

Answer: Command is valid for subsequent new additions and for devices that have been added. The corresponding device needs to be selected for modification.

2. Question: What is the port number of openflow?

Answer: 6553

3. Question: What do I need to pay attention to when adding a control-free interface?

Answer: You must add the connected port as a control-free port.

4. Question: What flow table is used in the two scenarios?

Answer: The core mode of the access control scheme is only used in the ARP packet in ONC flow table.

    Access mode uses arp packet in ONC/deny ip any/control-free terminal/free-water-free-flow table

5. Question: What is the purpose of the deny ip any flow table?

Answer: Discard all ip messages received.

6. Question: How do the two give terminal access?

Answer: The core pattern is to achieve access to terminal traffic by using "Close ARP Learning" and "Static ARP Binding".

    The access mode uses "IP- MAC-VLAN binding (port security)" to enable access to the user terminal.

7. Question: Can I upgrade a version under the controller configuration deployment interface?

Answer: A version upgrade under the controller configuration deployment interface will result in emptying of the original scenario.

8. Question: In the SC scenario, does the new business orchestration section of the ONC take precedence? The greater the priority, or the smaller the priority?

Answer: Bigger, priority

9. Question: Can ONC do drainage?

Answer: Yes, ONC can host SC scheme, access control and minimalist X scheme, SC scheme can be achieved for data drainage.

10. Question: What protocol does SDN control use to discover network devices and form the entire network topology?

Answer: The SNMP function is turned on through the switch and primarily for topology discovery across the network.

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