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IP address planning of large-scale monitoring network system

IP address planning of large-scale monitoring network system

For monitoring projects, many causes of failures are related to improper IP address settings, such as IP conflicts, or there are several monitoring images that are not displayed, etc., which are all related to IP, and reasonable allocation of IP addresses is very important.


1. Why should IP be allocated reasonably?


For small monitoring projects, the setting of the IP address is relatively simple, and most people will not make mistakes. For monitoring projects with more than 254 points, it is somewhat prone to errors.




First, if the network segment is not divided by more than 254 points, if the system automatically assigns IP addresses, IP conflicts are likely to occur.



Second, if the network segment is divided, the allocation of the ip address and the setting of the subnet mask become a problem. Some friends are not familiar with the allocation of the ip address and are prone to make mistakes.


So what should I do? Dividing network segments is a reasonable way.


Second, how to allocate IP for large networks?


For the monitoring of more than 254 points, although we can assign IP addresses without dividing the network segment, a good network planning is not only a simple and reluctant to achieve functions, but also needs to pay attention to the later maintenance and the clarity of the entire network And scalability.


Let's analyze first, to realize the monitoring of these 300 points, there are two ways to achieve:


The first kind: do not divide vlan, all arranged in a large network segment


The first is to not divide VLANs, all use a layer 2 switch, the direct ip address can be set to the IP address range is, the subnet mask is, a total of 500 ip addresses can be used, all It is completely sufficient to be accommodated in a large network segment.


This large network segment includes two ip segments:— its subnet mask is—, its subnet mask is


A total of 508 IP addresses are completely sufficient.


Some friends may have questions about how to get the subnet mask, why not


Subnet mask calculation

This alone explains the IP address range, why is the subnet mask of this network segment


This ip address range includes two ip segments.


The first ip segment is: its subnet mask is


The second ip segment is:, and its subnet mask is


Generally speaking, their common subnet mask is


Many small and medium-sized monitoring projects are intranets. For intranet projects, there is no need to divide VLANs in many cases, which can save resources, but in order to prevent network storms, port isolation can be used to ensure network security.


The second kind: dividing vlan


For large-scale monitoring, dividing VLAN is the preferred method.


Here we focus on the way to divide the network segment, using the switch can directly divide the four network segments.


Main monitoring address:


Area A address: Mask Gateway

Area B address: mask gateway

Address of Area C: Mask Gateway

Area D address: mask gateway


Each network segment can accommodate more than 250 points, and a total of 1000 ip addresses can be used on the four network segments, which is enough to allocate the IP address of each area.


In addition, if there are additional points in each subsequent area, there is sufficient reservation. It is worth noting that the access layer switches need to be reasonably allocated and the choice of access layer switches.


So what are the advantages of dividing the network segment in this way?


The IP addresses of the four areas are more obvious. If there is a problem with the camera, you can quickly ping the IP address in batches to quickly locate the problem with that camera, and also effectively prevent IP conflicts. IP is a frequent occurrence of network failures. The problem can also reduce the broadcast storm.


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