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How should network engineers of different levels learn?

How should network engineers of different levels learn?

It has been 2020, and the Internet has already become a necessity of human life. Today, all walks of life need an Internet, even a restaurant needs wifi for guests to surf the Internet.

Now that the network is needed, network engineers have become indispensable. How should network engineers of different levels learn?


No contact with the Internet industry stage

I intend to work in the Internet industry, but I don't know anything.

Do n’t read lengthy articles, do n’t rush to watch videos to learn technology, and do n’t look at messy forum introductions.

The first thing: understand the industry, understand the network.

Know what the network does, what this industry does, and which companies are in the industry. You must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of this industry, including companies in this industry: such as Cisco and Huawei.

If you enter the company, what are you going to do, is the job suitable for you, what is your salary, can you accept it, and what is the intensity of the work, everything is clear before proceeding.

Novice stage

Have a certain understanding of the network and know what the network needs to learn.

First learn the data communication: routing technology, switching technology, network equipment, network protocol;

Know what routers and switches are; know what different protocol applications are.


It is not recommended to read books, and the promotion effect is not good.



Has a certain network foundation, has been engaged in network work, and can independently solve a small local area network such as the network administrator of Party A: content, work, and technical requirements are simple.

Disadvantages: low salary, unable to improve themselves.

How to learn: Try to reach out to networks you do n’t know. For example, three-layer routing technology (professional), security technology, network characteristics, and exposure to different network products.


But I ca n’t remember what I ’ve learned. What should I do if I forget the front after learning?

Solution: Learn to apply.

Do projects (accumulate experience + earn money)

Experiment (Apply the learned technology to the experiment)


Ability to participate in large-scale network projects and have exposure to large-scale network project technologies (OSPF, BGP)

Learning routing ideas: What kind of ideas should be used to solve network problems? Understand the fundamentals and principles of data.


Can solve the problems in the network, complete the network optimization, and the knowledge of data communication can basically be solved.

Problem: Insufficient knowledge and insufficient fields.

Solution: expand knowledge points, it is recommended to read books. Related books do not have to be thoroughly researched, but at least they can be talkative while chatting.

At this stage, you can consider transformation, technology → management, engineer → director, etc.


With many years of experience in large projects, it can solve many aspects of the network (data, security, wireless, collaboration, operators, data centers, etc.)

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