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What is the difference between the new Cisco CCIE EI and the old CCIE RS?

What is the difference between the new Cisco CCIE EI and the old CCIE RS?

The new Cisco EI CCIE enterprise infrastructure has been released, and RS routing exchange has officially withdrawn from the arena of history. Whether the new EI CCIE and RS are the same has become a concern for network workers.

The CCIE RS routing exchange certification that has swept the world for more than two decades is the most familiar CCIE certification direction. EI CCIE, the new certified global web worker, is paying attention. We analyze their differences from the content of the knowledge system.

The content of the RS course is based on the routing and switching of traditional enterprise network architecture. The routing accounts for 50%, the switching part accounts for 30%, and other characteristic points are 20%. The focus is mainly on the routing part. EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP are required content in the exam. The Layer 2 foundation of the switching part and the layer 3 redundant switching part are also required content. In addition to this, there are some security technologies, such as VPN, QOS, and multicast, which occupy about 20% of the content.

The course content of EI is also based on the enterprise network architecture. The difference is that it is a new enterprise network architecture. Soft-defined SDN technology is added, and soft-defined SDN technology accounts for 25% of the test sites.

In the modification of the routing part, EIGRP does not focus on learning, but only requires "learning about EIGRP" to require the learning of this routing protocol. In addition, OSPF and BGP are still required learning.

The standard teaching requirements of EI show that the original CCNP curriculum of the RS theory course we focused on, now the CCNP of EI only requires 5 full days to complete, which also shows that Cisco believes that after 20 years of RS technology promotion , CCNP popularity has been very mature. It is no longer necessary to spend too much time studying it, and more time should be spent on learning new SDN technologies.

In the detailed comparison of the two directions of cancellation and addition, it can be seen that the original knowledge system of RS has retained about 50% in the existing EI knowledge system, and the new content has 25% soft-defined SDN technology. 15% security and features, 10% programming and other technologies.

It is not difficult to see from the analysis of the knowledge system foundation of the EI CCIE enterprise network architecture that the EI architecture is the beginning of the digital transformation of the enterprise network. Automation and intelligence are ultimately the development direction of the EI CCIE assessment.

In soft-defined networks, the requirements for the basic network architecture are becoming simpler and simpler. However, this does not mean that network workers have to transform to do programming. Even for soft-defined network policy formulation, the architecture design also requires very powerful network technology. For support.

Therefore, we must recognize that the future of the EI direction also indicates that we must make good preparations during the transformation phase of the enterprise network architecture design.


At present, PASSHOT has formulated a reasonable complete curriculum system based on Cisco standards. EI's curriculum is still from shallow to deep, covering both the knowledge system of the original RS and the learning content of new technologies of EI.

We said that the enterprise network architecture is transforming from traditional to digital, and our learning style is also undergoing a stage of transformation. PASSHOT's teaching-centric concept will provide all learners with new development opportunities.

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