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How to be a person who is not afraid of layoffs?

How to be a person who is not afraid of layoffs?

 Recently, a series of layoffs by Internet companies have continued to stir up the heat. The topics of the age ceiling of technical people, such as #middle age crisis##dismiss#

 Looking back over the past two years, the wave of layoffs at Internet companies has risen higher and the psychological defense of technical people has become lower and lower.  Some people say that companies have a lot of business pressure. In order to survive, some companies have to choose to lay off employees. Others say that the pace of life is accelerating, the society is too fickle and the employment mentality of enterprises has changed in the larger environment.  How can there be stable work ...

 Therefore, what can a technical person do to become a person who is not afraid of layoffs?  This time PASSHOT interviewed the students who passed CCIE at the PASSHOT CCIE club, hoping to give some thoughts to the technical people who are still in the bottleneck period of their careers.


"The key is to jump out of the comfort zone and force yourself to" renew "


 When talking about negative news about layoffs and the 35-year-old crisis, Leo said with a smile: "In fact, I am in the so-called bottleneck period of 35. Now the economic situation is not good, people's spirit is too nervous and sometimes the company needs metabolism.  People need to be updated as well. "

 For example, in May 2019, the Economic Times of India reported that in order to meet changing customer needs, IBM has laid off nearly 300 employees from its services department. It is understood that as IBM focused on emerging technology capabilities and reduced traditional services, some employees who had not kept up with the new technology wave were abandoned.

 With the rapid development of technology and the increasing demands and expectations of enterprise end customers, every enterprise must always keep up its mind and grasp the more popular technology trends in the market. Whether it is an enterprise or a technical person, it can only keep up with the trend. In order to gain a foothold in this market wave.

 "This is inevitable otherwise if you abandon yourself, the society will also abandon you. So, if you want to be a person who is not afraid of layoffs, the key is to jump out of your comfort zone and force yourself to improve. From a specific point of view, what exactly should a technical person do?


Technology changes are changing rapidly. How to quickly get started with a new technology?


 The key is to choose the right technology. First of all, we must set the technical goal. This technical goal must be required by the market, preferably by customers. Leo summarizes the selection methods into the following three methods:

 First, technicians need to communicate with customers constantly and keep abreast of market trends.  At the same time, in the process of communication, they constantly forced themselves to learn and improve; Secondly, pay more attention to the information portals of cutting-edge trends such as technical media and conferences, enrich themselves from information channels and training channels and obtain practical technical knowledge for the first time.  Select the technical points that need to get started. Third, pass the various examination certifications provided by PASSHOT, polish the complete set of knowledge system and keep up with the trend of technological development.

 After picking the right technical direction, the importance of learning methods becomes obvious.  In the process of moving towards the goal, the technical person needs to continuously reward himself and iterate the technical direction according to the market perspective.  Leo also shared a learning tip. During the learning process, when you learn the highest, control yourself to stop and learn again next time instead of learning exhaustion.  In the long run, this way will keep your brain happy and excited every time you learn, and then reduce the reluctance and fatigue in the learning process.

 In addition, when it comes to gaining the accreditation of Cisco certification for technicians to learn new technologies as a lecturer of PASSHOT, Leo is very sympathetic: "The knowledge passed in Cisco certification is 'real existence', which is also a customer's actual business scenario. In the process of obtaining a Cisco certification, a technician cannot only learn the knowledge and cases that need to be acquired for several years but also greatly improve work efficiency and show customers their technical expertise through certification.  


Of course, it is important to be advanced but in the long-term "996" situation, how to maintain sufficient physical strength and energy in learning?


 First, know how to rest your brain and learn to sleep. As you get older, everyone will always find that their energy and strength can't keep up with your progress. At this time, you need to set aside time for your brain to rest.  For example, do not do too much mental activity before going to bed at night and record the troubles of work and life today and exercise appropriately if necessary;

 Second, try more interest activities. Whether it's sports or food, or even some recreational activities can make your life more interesting and it is also the best way to balance work stress and worry;

 Third, chat more with your family. Family is the ultimate harbour for everyone. Parents' support, wife's tolerance, and children's future are the best reasons for your struggle. The family can also bring you full-hearted happiness and relaxation when you are most tired.

 As everyone knows, everyone has inertia. If you want to plan your work, study, life reasonably and maintain self-discipline, you can continue to inspire yourself through similar tomato clocks, demand & project reviews and set reasonable goals and reward yourself . Even looking for competitors. Leo said that these methods are some of the ways he used in his daily life and effectively overcome the "procrastination."


  Scattered requirements are too disturbing. How should technicians manage demand?


 In the world of programmers, requirements can never be completed so we must make choices and concentrate manpower and energy to do core business requirements in order to maximize the value. Therefore, the most important thing is to start with the choice. You must know what kind of requirements are important and what kind of requirements can be put forward. You can continuously update and sort out the plan. However, in normal work, many technical people still face some "one sentence" requirements without combing and thinking. What should you do?

 First, ask more why and help sort out ideas. For example, what is the purpose and value behind your needs? What do you need for this scenario? From questions and discussions. On the one hand, it can increase the favorability of the demand side (if the demand side is a leader or a customer) and help the demand side to put forward a more scientific and refined demand next time; on the other hand, it can also help Comb the technical person's own knowledge and thinking system to make it more perfect and mature;

 Second, give alternatives. After the above steps, you have filtered out a batch of "one-sentence" requirements but some requirements may indeed have a certain value. At this time, you need to think about alternative solutions and indirectly achieve the "rejection" effect;

 Third, sometimes, if the technical person directly rejects the demand side, it will have an adverse impact on the subsequent cooperation between the two parties. Then when faced with this situation, you can accept it first but you need to make supplementary explanations to prevent backstory. For example: I may need a long time or only meet part of the demand, or if I must go on time, I cannot guarantee the effect and quality after going online and leave the choice to the demand side.

 The above article is from PASSHOT. PASSHOT can help you pass CCIE WRITTEN EXAM and CCIE R&S LAB EXAM once and help you get your CCIE certificate. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source!

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